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Awakenyour senses

Ground Flr / 65 Francis St Northbridge, WA 6003
Buda Buda is the love and union of traditional and modern Asian cookery. A place that brings people together to share and delight their senses. Let yourself be awakened by the flavours within an ambient place of modern Asian dining that comes to life in the night. Hidden in the center of Francis street, it brings a trendy vibe to the area. The dining room is cosy with seating for 40 people and two private rooms that can be booked for a more intimate experience. Our Buda Suite is the VIP room that has celebrity style with luxurious decor, private ensuite and your own massage chair.

Snacks 特式小食类

Congee 粥

Soups 汤类

Seafood 海鲜

Meats 肉类

Vegetables 蔬菜

Rice & Noodles

Sweets 甜品


 “shuang-xi” means double happiness

The story of the Double Happiness sign originated from a student’s journey during the Tang Dynasty. This was a story about a boy who was heading to the capital city to take a final exam and fell ill. Luckily, a herbalist doctor and his daughter cared for him. During his recovery the boy and the girl fell deeply in love. 

To test that they are a true match before the boy left for the capital city, the girl wrote one part of a rhyming couplet on paper, with the hopes that the boy can find its perfect match. 

During the exam the emperor came to assess the boy’s skill, he asked him to finish a couplet. Coincidentally, the part of the couplet that the emperor gave the boy was the missing match to his love’s rhyme. 

The boy recited the part of the couplet that his love wrote for him. Pleased with the young boy’s answer, the emperor made the boy one of his Ministers. When the boy returned and recited the couplet’s match to her, they were complete and got happily married. 

During their traditional Chinese wedding, the couple wrote the character “xi” twice on a red piece of paper. They posted it on the wall and since then, that double “xi” became the Double Happiness symbol, symbolizing the double happiness that the couple felt because of their love and union.


Book your function today

Boss 1 & Boss 2 (Capacity 10 people)
Friday & Saturday
Minimum Spend $ 600
BYO Credit $ 500
Sunday to Thursday
Minimum Spend $ 400
BYO Credit $ 300

The Buda Suite (Capacity 30 people)
Friday & Saturday
Minimum Spend $ 3800
BYO Credit $ 3300
Minimum Spend $ 1800
BYO Credit $ 1600

All packages include food and fruit platters.

Call Jeremy Lay on  0432 228 472 to make a booking.